Reach for the sky: How Cloud Solutions can help your business grow

Reach for the sky: How Cloud Solutions can help your business grow 

There are many cloud solutions on the market and choosing the one which fits your needs might seem difficult. But this article will help you narrow down your choices and lead you in the right direction. 

Nowadays, it is not enough that your business has a website and an email. More and more companies, from the local corner grocery to Fortune 500 companies are seeing the need to expand their operations online. 

Why is this helpful? 

Cloud solutions – the process of keeping your data in remote servers – has several benefits. By relying on trusted services, your business can be assured that the data is secure and available 24/7. But unlike on-site hosting, cloud solutions allow your company’s data to be accessible from anywhere. And since servers are maintained by some of the biggest tech companies in the globe, they install the best security features in the business. Cost is also an issue. It is usually must cheaper to buy cloud services than to set up an independent server and maintain it. 

What are the options for my business? 

There are a handful of cloud service providers with a rich palette of tools that go with them. For the purpose of this article, let’s concentrate on just two: Amazon Cloud Solutions and Microsoft Azure. 

Both offer best-in-class security solutions with a suite of tools, such as emails, file-management systems and much more. 

Which is the best solution for me? 

Which solution you eventually choose for your business really depends on a number of factors: 

  • Budget: While both companies offer extremely competitive pricing for their products, there might be a difference in the solutions you choose. 
  • Company size: Larger companies might want to choose one solution over the other due to the solutions available to them. 
  • Data storage needs: Both companies have a minimum data package which is quite similar, but solutions (and prices) might differ based on the customer’s data needs. 

Cloudica can help you choose the right tool to exactly fit your needs, and our team of IT experts will assist you in: 

  • Moving all your existing data onto the cloud 
  • Set up a remote work environment for all your staff (even if they work from the office) 
  • Keep your information secure when online 
  • Help you pick and match all the tools you need (and the ones you don’t) 

With cloud solutions, your staff will be able to seamlessly communicate, share files, collaborate and much more.  

Still unsure? Contact us at, we will be happy to discuss the options available. 


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