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$ 980

What is it?

Cloudica’s Data Security on Microsoft Azure Workshop is an intensive, two-day workshop designed to provide an in-depth understanding of data security and its application to business operations.

What is for?

We have designed this workshop for security stakeholders who want to implement a thorough strategic plan based on Microsoft’s best practices for safeguarding IT environments.

What are the benefits of this workshop?

The sessions cover the contemporary cyber threat landscape and associated techniques for identifying and reducing possible threats.


At the end of the workshop, your IT team will have a clear picture of the threats which are currently in the industry, the best Microsoft tools on the market and how companies are implementing them.

Participants will gain the skills and knowledge necessary to:
• create and maintain a secure environment,
• the ability to identify and respond to potential security threats.

Steps and agenda

Training will begin with an introduction to data security. Participants will be presented with an overview of the basics of encryption. We’ll also discuss authentication and access control.
Then we’ll move to a discussion of the different types of security threats and a review of risk management and best practices.

We will also present demos of:

  • Threat Protection
  • Microsoft 365 Compliance Manager
  • Defender for Cloud Apps
  • Azure AD Identity & Access Management
  • Azure AD Connect

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Level 1: Basic
You have minimal cybersecurity processes in place and face a high risk of cyberattacks. Immediate attention and significant improvements are necessary to enhance your security posture.

Level 2: Developing
You have some cybersecurity processes in place but require substantial improvements to reach a mature state. You should focus on strengthening your policies, procedures, and security controls.

Level 3: Mature
You have a solid cybersecurity posture, but there is still room for improvement. You should continue enhancing your processes, monitoring capabilities, and incident response practices.

Level 4: Advanced
You have a strong cybersecurity posture and are well-prepared to address potential threats. However, you should remain proactive and stay abreast of emerging threats and technologies to maintain your advanced level of security.

Level 5: Leading
You have a comprehensive and mature approach to cybersecurity. You are a leader in cybersecurity best practices and continually innovate to stay ahead of evolving threats.

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